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    Hampton Coliseum 1

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    Hampton Coliseum 2

Hampton Coliseum

City of Hampton, Virginia

Handrails and Seating Expansion

We completed this project under our Structural Annual (2005-2011), which included contract documents for handrails, handicap accessible areas, and expansion of the seating area at Hampton Coliseum.


Floor Study

This project included analysis of the existing floor structure for the application of a 4-foot deep pool of water to be used during an H20 Extreme Water Sports Show at the Hampton Coliseum. Our firm completed calculations/research and provided a letter of our findings.


Lightning Rod Issue

This project included a site visit and review in regards to the structural failure of some of the lightning rods on the roof of the Coliseum. Our office was asked to determine the cause of the damage, and our office provided a Report Hampton Coliseum with our findings.